KÖVET – Association for Sustainable Economies

KÖVET, established in October 1995, is a Hungarian association to promote environmentally aware business management towards enterprises. KÖVET is a member of INEM, CSR Europe and Global Footprint Network. KÖVET has implemented over 400 projects in the field of environmental management and CSR, it has over 60 member Companies, and conceptualized the model of the Truly Responsible Enterprise.
Under the framework of INEM, in COEEF KÖVET was the lead partner in the project. Its main activities were, among others, "Training the trainers" for local NGOs and developing an Action Plan for a regional awareness campaign on energy efficiency and climate change issues based on the EU experience. In ALLIES, KÖVET can use the experience gained in COEEF when organizing stakeholder participation processes in Hungary in order to engage them in innovative financing projects for energy savings.
KÖVET will transfer the concept of ALLIES within its network in Hungary and adapt it to its national circumstances. Furthermore, ALLIES will be linked to Hungary's political and legal framework on energy savings and climate protection.