Work package II

Implementation of plans and tools

The previous tools which were used in and for the German REEG project help to identify and develop tools for the ALLIES project such as a template for a business plan, regional potential and proposed projects, elements for communication activities, key elements for statutes and a template for a Memorandum of Understanding. The REEG experiences help to train and coach the implementing partners in adapting and using their framework.

Based on this overview of tools the project partners develop an implementation plan and get commitment. The criteria which were defined in the first Work package are used for the final selection for regional and municipal partners in the project partner countries like companies, chambers of Industry and Commerce or banks. After choosing the pilot area and region an engagement plan is created and relevant stakeholders get involved in Local ALLIES Committees (LAC). The LACs are integrated in a co-creation process for specific models.

The development of a specific implementation concept for each selected pilot area is translated into practice by project partners and LACs for founding and operating an LFEEE, setting up a campaign for attracting local investors and customers who have to sign formal commitments like the Memorandum of Understanding.