FEWE – The Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency

The Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency FEWE is an independent non-governmental organization founded in the year 1990. The mission of FEWE is to promote sustainable development of the Poland’s economy and to support protection of the environment through implementing the awareness on energy efficiency.

FEWE is well experienced in different financial models for energy efficiency investments in buildings, industries and municipalities. FEWE has experience in capacity building programmes for SMEs and large industry units (POLSEFF and PEMP projects) with energy audits implementation, verification, training, innovative financing. FEWE participated in many projects (different types of industry and sectors) to facilitate energy efficiency investments by providing information, audits, financial advice, coordination among enterprises, auditors and financing institutions.

FEWE will transfer the concept of ALLIES within its network in Poland and adapt it to its national circumstances. Furthermore, ALLIES will be linked to Poland's political and legal framework on energy savings and climate protection.