Work package IV

Transfer and dissemination

By setting up an ALLIES website the communication is implemented on an international base for international and local knowledge transfer. By holding a mid-term-conference with participants from the INEM network, a final conference with INEM and all implementing partners including policy makers, representatives of other international NGOs, stakeholders and project partners as well as an information event in the respective countries with workshops in local energy efficiency for financial institutions and energy agencies, the ALLIES team assures the transfer of knowhow. In addition, the project partners participate in the annual EUKI conference.

To increase public attention for ALLIES, followers have to be attracted and guided by information via published articles in every country describing the idea and results of ALLIES. Through a constant overview about the results and project steps the general public is more motivated to imitate. For further interested parties the ALLIES team implements and holds special conferences, e.g. in Italy with its concrete potential for consolidating the LFEEE model, Eastern Europe, Baltic countries or other interested countries.