Work package III

Implementation of Locally-rooted Financing Entities for Efficiency – LFEEE

Work package IIIa: Generic preparation for the implementation of LFEEEs

To prepare the founding of LFEEEs a communication setup for gaining project partner is absolutely essential. By setting up a local website local partners can get informed about the necessity and the viability of energy efficiency. Furthermore, by creating an assessment of viability information events and personal talks to intermediaries are supported and come into action. The goal of implementing an LFEEE is to activate and sensitize communities for investigation campaigns in energy saving. 

Work package IIIb: Founding specific LFEEEs

Setting up Locally-rooted Financing Entity for Energy Efficiency means that on their own responsibility and costs, the LACs or other partners in the selected regions will found an LFEEE leveraging on the generic templates, tools and insights gained the preceding work packages. For the implementation of an LFEEE selecting the right enterprise model, the establishment of a specific business plan, setting up bank accounts, attracting loans and contracting experts to operate the LFEEE are of a certain importance.

Work package IIIc: Supporting activities for operating LFEEEs

To attract and implement energy efficiency projects under the umbrella of the LFEEE the project partners help each other in selecting and developing the projects. The outcome of these efforts is investment decisions which, depending on the selected model, need to link the investor to the specific project. The LFEEEs have their own responsibility but the ALLIES teams understand themselves as enablers, supporters and drivers for the establishment of pilot LFEEEs in their countries.