Let`s share

The ALLIES consortium is happy to share their findings and experiences with partners. Be they other regions that want to establish a "Locally-rooted Financing Entity for Energy Efficiency” (LFEEE) or policy and decision makers that want to enable such models.

While most of the ALLIES documents are available in English, many have been translated to local languages. Please check the document repository.
All documents and tools available from this page are free to use with appropriate quoting and mentioning the source. However, the authors cannot take responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the content. The documents do not necessarily present the opinion or will of the funding institution.


ALLIES Practical Guidance 

This document comprises all the experiences gathered in the ALLIES project when setting up LFEEEs. It analyses challenges encountered in the process and offers hands on, step-by-step guidance for followers.


Further Documents
The ALLIES concept builds on the REEG model developed by B.A.U.M. in cooperation with several partners in a funded project from 2013 to 2016.

Here you can download the ALLIES guidance for a practical approach as well as other helpful tools for the preparation of local investments in energy savings.


Letter of Intent

Using this template you can express your interest and willingness to start a development process towards a Locally-rooted Financing Entity for Energy Efficiency (LFEEE) in your country/region.