A well defined, results oriented project

The overall goal of ALLIES are new financing models and structures for energy efficiency means. Leveraging on experiences with similar structures in Germany, partners in Hungary, Poland and Germany each strive to establish a "Locally-rooted Financing Entity for Energy Efficiency” (LFEEE).

While in Germany LFEEEs have been implemented by means of a cooperative, partners in Hungary and Poland are about to establish other formats. They all have in common that members of  a "regional partnership” provide financial means to the LFEEE which in turn invests those for energy efficiency measures implement together with members of the same regional partnership. Returns to the LFEEE – and at the end to the regional investors – stem from savings achieved by the invested measures.

The ALLIES project comprises 5 work-packages which lead the ALLIES partners through the entire process:
  • WP I: Knowhow transfer and overall concept 
  • WP II: Implementation of plans and tools 
  • WP III a: Generic preparation for the implementation of LFEEEs 
  • WP III b: Founding specific LFEEEs 
  • WP III c: Supporting activities for operating LFEEEs 
  • WP IV: Transfer and dissemination 
  • WP V: Evaluation and recommendation