Grass-root movement for a new energy structure

Katalin Herner from Követ explains ALLIES to conference participants

In Hungary the Ministry of National Development has passed the National Energy Strategy 2030. The key message of the Energy Strategy is to seek ways out of the country's energy dependency. The change of the energy structure should include:

  • energy efficiency measures throughout the entire supply and consumption chain
  • increasing the share of low CO2-intensive electricity generation based primarily on renewable energy sources
  • promoting renewable and alternative methods of heat generation
  • increasing the share of low CO2-emission modes of transport
ALLIES will contribute as a grass-root movement to the accomplishment of these central goals.
Hungary is also participating in the EU Environment and Energy Operative Programme and launched the so called Warm Homes project to insulate private homes and with them to alternative energy. ALLIES would largely reinforce these initiatives as well as local Climate and Energy Strategies, in addition to creating financing mechanisms for efficiency refurbishments.

Localizacio – the Locally-rooted Financing Entity for Energy Efficiency – and it´s interactions
In Hungary, the regions to establish the LFEEEs are Somogy county and Zala county, two neighbouring counties in the Southwest of the country. Key partners are MagNet Bank and, a platform for crowd funding.
In a project workshop and conference the EUKI approach is explained to Hungarian and international stakeholders.